Collect, analyze, and share data from your hardware. Code not required.

A powerful platform for analyzing experimental hardware systems.

Hardware engineering projects create a lot of data, and it's tedious to work with.

TelemetryJet handles the details of normalizing, storing, and querying your data, so you can focus on utilizing that data productively.

Load your data sources, invite your team members, and start gaining insight from your data. It's that easy.

Combine multiple sources into a consistent, always-available database.

Store & process telemetry logs

Easily ingest data from a wide variety of file formats, such as CSV, ROS bags, MAVLink logs, and more.

Stream live data directly with the CLI

Use the CLI to stream data from microcontrollers or other hardware systems. TelemetryJet is designed to work with the Raspberry Pi and other single-board computers as a telemetry hub. Learn More about the CLI

Customizable data sources

Read data from a number of industry standard formats with no setup, or build scriptable encoders and decoders to connect to other systems.

Build live dashboards and visualizations, accessible from anywhere.

Insightful, configurable visualizations

Quickly build charts and dashboards that are accurate, easy to interpret, and beautiful -- All from the browser.

Replay history, or stream data live

TelemetryJet uses intelligent streaming, so you can work with massive datasets in the field without waiting for a download.

Organize your data in folders

Group data sources and visualizations in folders, so your analysis sits next to your original data.

Collaborate and share, directly from your data.

Share data with public URLs

Instantly share any dashboard, dataset or visualization with the public internet. Build public dashboards to display your data, and embed or share them anywhere.

Annotate and comment

Add context directly to your data, with annotation and comments that you can associate directly with your time-series data.

Comments and metadata are quickly searchable, so you can easily pull data into your conversations.

Easy export to external systems

You retain ownership of your data, and can easily export data out of the TelemetryJet platform into standard formats for advanced usage.

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Start gaining insight from your data.

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