TelemetryJet Arduino SDK

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A lightweight, flexible library for communicating with microcontrollers

Bidirectional communication

Establish a robust bidirectional link to your embedded device with minimal code. Data points are automatically transmitted and received over a serial connection using an efficient and reliable encoding.

Strong typing

Transmit numerical data points with fine-grained control over the resolution of your data, for communication over limited-bandwidth connections.

Data Caching and Expiration

Filter incoming data, so your microcontroller only stores values you’ve selected. Data you’ve subscribed to caches locally on your device.

Easy integration with any software

Easily parse messages in any program using MessagePack's language bindings, or use the TelemetryJet CLI to stream data into other data sources without code.

Extensive Documentation

The TelemetryJet documentation site contains detailed guides and an API reference for the SDK.

Detailed Examples

The Arduino library includes detailed examples. Learn to read and write data points, configure a telemetry connection, and send typed data.

#include <TelemetryJet.h>
// Initialize the telemetry instance and a data dimension TelemetryJet telemetry(&Serial, 100); Dimension sensorValue = telemetry.createDimension(1);
void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); }
void loop() { // Update the sensor value from analog input sensorValue1.setUInt16(analogRead(A0)); telemetry.update(); }

Get Started Now

Install the Library

Install the TelemetryJet Arduino SDK via the Arduino Library Manager. Just search for "TelemetryJet".


The TelemetryJet Arduino SDK comes with detailed documentation, API references, and examples. The documentation site will guide you through getting started with the SDK.

Read the Docs

100% Free and Open Source

The TelemetryJet Arduino SDK and TelemetryJet CLI are free and open-source under the MIT license. You can use and modify either project for any purpose.

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