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Monitor and control embedded hardware from your terminal.

Stream data from hardware

Stream data between embedded hardware, files, and software tools using a simple command-line interface.

Declarative configuration

You specify your data sources and how they interact in a configuration file, and the CLI handles the details of streaming data between them.

Cross-platform and portable

Jet runs on Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi OS and has no external dependencies, so you can use it anywhere.

Use Cases

Stream Data Locally

Use Jet to stream hardware telemetry data straight into a file or local database, without any programming required.

Network multiple microcontrollers

Use a Raspberry Pi as a central telemetry hub, building a network of microcontrollers which can communicate with each other bidirectionally.

Configure embedded devices

Define throttle curves, PID control terms, or other parameters centrally, and distribute new values without requiring code changes.

Monitor embedded hardware from the cloud

Monitor data from any embedded system and stream into a TelemetryJet Server. Build live dashboards and visualizations that stream from local hardware, and store telemetry data forever.

Get Started Now

Start working with the TelemetryJet CLI in 5 minutes or less. Install the tool, define your data sources, and start streaming.

MacOS Install
> brew install telemetryjet-cli
Read the Docs and Start Streaming

Compatible with many industry-standard protocols and platforms.

Wide compatibility

TelemetryJet CLI is compatible with a growing number of industry-standard protocols and platforms such as Mavlink, ROS, Victron Energy, NMEA 0183, and more.

Scriptable protocols

If your protocol is not on the list, use the scriptable encoder and decoder system to interface with any format you need.

Easy-to-use defaults

Haven't chosen a protocol for your project? Consider the TelemetryJet Arduino SDK, a lightweight and flexible library for communicating with microcontrollers. The Arduino SDK has been designed for ease-of-use with the CLI.

Learn More about the TelemetryJet Arduino SDK

100% Free and Open Source

The TelemetryJet Arduino SDK and TelemetryJet CLI are free and open-source under the MIT license. You can use and modify either project for any purpose.

Learn more and contribute on GitHub
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